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I loved that this book showed a woman who isn't in her 20s being open to new experiences and still having an active love and sex life. It's not smutty but her adventures in dating are so much fun, and there are a lot of them! -- Samantha, via GoodReads & Bookstagram

Although the subject matter may seem "light-hearted" (it definitely falls in the romcom category), the writing is sharp and the protagonist is a very smart, ambitious career woman who navigates through lots of self-reflection.  -- Amy, via GoodReads

Loved the story, loved the characters, loved the setting. It's like Emily in Paris in book form. I didn’t want to put it down and when I got to the end I just wished that it continued. -- Simone, via GoodReads 

Tales of dating disaster and looking for love that feel like a conversation with your best friend! A fun read about a woman living the dream in Paris as she tries to find her way. -- Vicki Lesage, best-selling author of Confessions of a Paris Party Girl

If you are thirsty to read a deliciously cute and quick novel, this is it. -- Cayla, via GoodReads 

While her dating escapades provide much of the humor, her friendships are a key draw of this book. I felt like I was watching Sex in the City again and just hoping this one would be her “one.” There is a happily ever after in this one! And it is definitely worth the wait! -- DeAnn, via GoodReads & Bookstagram

I found myself laughing out loud and cringing in sympathy as Austen navigated the uncertainties and surprises of modern day internet dating. The story is smartly written, with warmth and humor that made it impossible to put this book down until the last page. -- Erica, via GoodReads 

I didn't want Austen's story to end. I miss her. I want my new book BFF to come over for a drink and a chat. I want another riotous, touching, insightful, belly-laugh exchange about life and love and loss and living through it all. This book is as effervescently satisfying as as bottle of Austen's preferred Nicolas Feuillatte. -- Robyn, via GoodReads 

Refreshingly witty, confidently romantic, and a reminder of how good friends can carry you. I actually couldn’t put it down!! -- Christina, via GoodReads 

With lightness and humour, "Will There Be Wine" touches a topic a lot of women in their 40ies can relate to: finding the significant other without betraying their own personality, wishes and (career) path, in a world where the codes of dating seems to have changed massively since we last were "in the dating scene". I must admit that under the surface of lightness and laughter, some parts of Austen's story on expectation from life and partnership will stick with me for a little while. -- Birgit, via GoodReads 

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